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5 Ways Cannabis Can Help With Your Overall Wellness

5 Ways Cannabis Can Help With Your Overall Wellness

It is no secret that humans have been using cannabis and hemp products to heal their ailments since ancient times. We are currently in the throws of a cannabis revolution. With federal acceptance and legalization around the corner, cannabis will finally become a widespread tool for wellness.


Mr. Nice Guy is here to shed light on all the ways cannabis could help you.


Positivity & Wellbeing

Before we hop into the scientifically proven benefits of cannabis, let’s talk about the recreational effects. Cannabis makes you feel good! This herbal substance can play a big role in the daily lives of many, or can be enjoyed on occasion to enhance any experience.



The unproven daily benefits of cannabis may include; positive thinking, mindfulness, appreciation, smiles, laughter, and a general sense of peace.



One of the most well-known benefits of cannabis is that it is a wonderful sleep aid. The two main compounds found in cannabis are THC and CBD. Both compounds positively affect a person’s sleep individually and when combined.


THC is a sleep-inducing compound that decreases the amount of REM, allowing users to experience a night of deeper sleep. When selecting a cannabis product for sleep, always pick an indica strain. These strains contain terpenes that have a sedative effect.


If you are not looking to feel high, but need help sleeping, you have other options! CBD and certain terpenes can be used without the psychoactive effects of THC to lull you to sleep just the same.



Cannabis is increasingly becoming a more common alternative for pain relief. It is the number one symptom of medical marijuana cardholders and has proved to be a strong combat against opioids. It is known to be that indica leaning strains are the most effective when treating pain with cannabis.


THC travels from your lungs to your bloodstream where it interacts with the same neurotransmitters that process pain. This is why cannabis has been deemed a form of pain relief.



The least talked about benefit of cannabis relates to appetite. Depending on the product or strain you are using, cannabis can successfully induce or restrict your appetite.




Surprisingly enough, data suggests that cannabis speeds up your metabolism. In fact, on average, cannabis users are likely to be 20% leaner than those who do not partake. There is a strong stigma that whenever someone uses marijuana, they will get hungry (we call that the munchies.)


While this is often true, it really depends on the strain. Indica strains are much more likely to give you the munchies, while sativa strains work to curb your appetite.


While there is no research to suggest the authenticity of this statement; our community has seen a strong correlation between dabs (sativa leaning) and a loss of hunger.


If you are struggling with nausea or loss of appetite try smoking on some indica. If you are wanting to speed up your metabolism or curb your hunger try smoking a dab or a strong sativa leaning strain.


Happy bellies make for happy hearts.