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7 Strains to Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures

7 Strains to Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures

There’s nothing more refreshing than a day in the great outdoors. When you bring cannabis along with you on your outdoor adventures, the experience can be elevated significantly. Here, we’ll suggest seven strains that are perfect for that camping trip or outdoor hike.


Pineapple TrainwreckSativa

A beautiful blend of Pineapple Express and Trainwreck cannabis, this sativa-dominant strain is sure to have you feeling ready to tackle that trek around Crater Lake. Pineapple Trainwreck’s energizing properties combined with earthy, terroir-based aromas create for a great option to pair with visiting one of the country’s deepest lakes.


Lemon MeringueSativa

As the name may suggest, this cannabis strain has citrus galore. With potent flavors of lemon with a bit of nuttiness, Lemon Meringue is known for its invigorating properties. With a puff of this tasty strain, you’ll be ready to hike through the Oneonta Gorge and feel motivated to do even the most exciting adventures while being surrounded by the breathtaking waterfalls that Oregon has to offer.


Purple Skellington – Hybrid

Though some enjoy this strain for waking and baking, Purple Skellington is also an incredible choice for those hoping to elevate their time outdoors. When smoked, many report feeling more energized as well as creative, helping to give you a clear mind before tackling your activities.


Mandarin CookiesSativa

Mandarin Cookies may be one of the most relaxing sativa strains out there: not sedative enough to keep you on the couch all day, but calm enough to give you the productivity you need, especially for a day outside.


Chem Dawg Indica

Undoubtedly, Chem Dawg bud is one of the world’s most popular strains, and for good reason. When enjoyed outdoors, the strain works to enhance your senses entirely and help you feel more connected to the world around you. With strains like this, activities like stargazing or admiring the Milky Way from Crater Lake can blow your mind.


Tangerine DreamSativa

Another citrus-based strain, Tangerine Dream cannabis will give you the energy you need to get out and  appreciate Mother Nature in all her glory. However, this potent strain is just that: potent. Only a small amount of Tangerine Dream will be necessary to not only get you high, but also provide stimulation unlike any other sativa strain.


Gelato 33Hybrid

A delicious cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, Gelato strains come with powerfully fruity aromas and sweet flavors that will make you feel like you’re enjoying dessert during your day out in nature. Gelato 33’s energizing and creative properties can provide you with the perfect balance of motivation and relaxation.


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