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Cooking With Cannabis: A Guide to Cannabutter.

Cooking With Cannabis: A Guide to Cannabutter.

Cannabutter is much like spaghetti. The recipe is simply classic, but widely varies based on preferences. Mr. Nice Guy is here to step in and walk you through the essentials to create your own favorite cannabutter recipe.


Step One: choose what type of cannabis you want to use
  1. Flower buds

  2. Extracts/oil

  3. Kief


The type of cannabis doesn’t matter much, just use what you have! Making edibles is a great way to transform scraps or a forgotten stash. Already smoked joints, oil cartridges that stopped working or the bottom of your jar can go a long way!


Step Two: choose what type of “butter” you want to use
  1. Coconut Oil

  2. Butter

  3. Olive Oil


Coconut oil is the best when it comes to making cannabutter, but again anything can work. Coconut oil is quite versatile in taste and works in many different recipes. It also has the highest fat content of all oils listed. THC adheres best to fat which is another reason coconut oil is highly suggested.


Step Three: decarboxylate your cannabis

If you are using a flower or kief form of cannabis, you will want to decarboxylate it in the oven.  (This step is not applicable if you used extract to begin with.) Set your oven to 200 degrees, spread out your cannabis across a baking sheet, and let it cook for 45 minutes. This is the step that “activates” the THC allowing you to feel high. Without this step, your edibles will be a much lower dosage of THC.


Step Four: combine your activated cannabis with your oil

Grab a medium sized pot and put it on the stove with your oil. You want to cook this low and slow! Low to medium heat for an hour. For every gram of cannabis you are using, you want to mix it with a full tablespoon of oil.


After an hour your oil should be looking rich in color. If it is not a deep green or brown color leave it on low or simmer for another 30 minutes. Once your oil is looking good, it is time to drain the cannabis out. (This step is not applicable if you used extract to begin with.) The best way to ensure there are no bits of cannabis in your oil, is to use cheese cloth.


Choose a container to store your oil in and then adhere the cheese cloth to its opening. Pour the oil from the pan slowly onto the cloth. Once all the oil is in your container, squeeze the remains out of the cloth as if you were ringing a towel.


Secure your container, store it in the fridge, and you are done! Your cannabutter can be used in any recipes that call for butter or oil. We have found success in adding a bit to your coffee and tea drinks as well.


Step Five: Enjoy & have a nice day!