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Do’s and don’ts: Guide for your first time getting high

Do’s and don’ts: Guide for your first time getting high

With any new endeavor, everybody is going to be a beginner. After learning and gaining experience, you can go from beginner to expert. Just like anyone who decides to try cannabis, I wasn’t sure what my first experience was going to look like. Thankfully it was positive, and through the help of some friends, it was a calming experience. Now to say that it will be the same for anybody else is not necessarily the case. Even with me being a novice at the time, I can say that I have gained my fair share of cannabis knowledge since then.


By having the luxury of living in California, I have access to legal cannabis, and I’m able to give suggestions based on what I’ve experienced. If you’re a first-time user reading this, you came to the right place. Below I’ll be laying out a little guide to ease your anxiety and give you insight into the cannabis industry.


Only try if you are of age and are in a state were cannabis is legalized recreationally.


Cannabis (ka·nuh·buhs)

So what is cannabis? The google definition is a general and straightforward reference; “a tall plant with a stiff upright stem, divided serrated leaves, and glandular hairs. It is used to produce hemp fiber and as a drug”. As it is only a broad definition, cannabis is more than just, “a tall plant with a stiff upright stem”.


When talking about cannabis, the two most well-known active ingredients are THC and CBD. THC gives the effect of being high and is used more recreationally. The latter is more of a relaxing ingredient that allows consumers to use it for medicinal purposes.


Depending on what route you want to choose, both allow the user to craft their own experience. The more you get to know what you like, you’ll be able to understand how they affect you and how much you need to take.


Not everybody is the same

With the effects that cannabis has, it should be noted that just because one thing works for you it might not be the same for someone else. So when trying anything new it is always a good idea to start small.


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As you begin to build tolerance with any product you’re using, you’ll want to bring up the dosage of what you’re taking. You should approach this with caution as taking too much might lead to feeling overwhelmed, which could cause a negative experience. Make sure if you are trying anything for the first time you are in a place where you feel comfortable. In your home or among friends may make you feel at peace, which can really enhance your experience and allow you to relax.


There is something for everyone

As we continue to move forward with the cannabis industry, there will be ever-changing ways to consume cannabis products. As flower is the most popular way to consume cannabis, there are different methods you can try as well. Edibles, vape pens, gummies, pre-rolled joints, and tinctures are to name a few. Each is unique in its own way and allows each user to have a different effect.


While vape pens are my personal favorite because some pens allow you to use cartridges. Cartridges are prepackaged casings that contain oil or wax, which vaporize when inhaled.


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For instance, roves’ kush disposable cartridges, and they come in an abundance of flavors as well. Each form has been effective with me (except for tinctures, which I have yet to try). Edibles and gummies are in a sense the same as they have preset dosages infused into them, just like kivas midnight mint chocolate bar and lost strawberry gummies. I do caution that homemade gummies and edibles need more discretion when trying if not mixed properly. Pre-rolled joints are pre-packaged with whatever strain the company decides to use. It is highly likely you’ll find something you like in time.


As you start your journey, make sure that you proceed with caution. Trial and error is a common form of experimentation when it comes to cannabis. Figuring out what you do and don’t like is simply part of the process.


As long as you are safe when trying new things and review dosage information you’ll enjoy what cannabis can do for you.