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About Mr. Nice Guy Marijuana Dispensaries

Cannabis Dispensaries located in California & Oregon

Our Mission

Established in 2016, Mr. Nice Guy is a rapidly growing premium upscale cannabis company. We are the largest privately owned cannabis retailer on the west coast. Our expertise branches across an expanding number of new cannabis products, premium brands, and new retail markets. Our daily goal is to help all customers discover the joy of cannabis products in everyday life. The consistently deluxe retail experience we provide allows our customers to feel comfortable coming in and purchasing cannabis just like any other product. Our enduring purpose is to exceed our customers expectations by curating an innovative and modern cannabis retail experience.


Mr. Nice Guy stands for much more than our unique shopping experiences and service. We pride ourselves in being compliant with state ordinances and local city laws. By doing so, we are able to give the best authentic experience to any consumer who walks through one of the many dispensaries located in Oregon and California. As we look to actively grow our brand across the country we understand that we will become ingrained in many communities. In collaboration with the communities we are privileged to be a part of, we want to educate our customers about the cannabis industry. We do so while listening to feedback from residents, city board members, and clients alike to create a relationship that we believe will be beneficial to both us and our society.


As we continue to work and provide any information surrounding cannabis, we also look to invest in the community; working with and donating to local organizations, hiring locally, and also creating partnerships with local businesses . We understand that we alone can’t make a difference in a community, but we aim to make a difference.

How We Stay Balanced

Equal Pay for Equal Work


Equality is woven into the fabric of our culture and business practices. Not because it’s fashionable, but because it’s the way the world should work.


Our mission is to promote equality and provide real advancement opportunities for all. We believe our business succeeds when everyone has the chance to stand tall as equals. By always striving to meet the standard of equality, we unlock possibilities – both for our company and for the people touched by our business.


The good news is that every day is “Equal Pay Day” at Mr. Nice Guy, where woman and men are paid equally for equal work.

What We Listen To

As essential part of the Mr. Nice Guy’s DNA, it ties everyone together and amps up the vibe. Experience new/next music channels the beat of your next destination.


Enjoy our playlist on Spotify: “Mr. Nice Guy”

What We Stand For

Consumers First

Begin and end with the premium consumer experience in mind.

Exceed our consumer’s expectations.

We Play To Win

Act with passion and a sense of urgency.

Be decisive and move with speed.

Be A Great Partner

Collaborate and be trustworthy and fair.

Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

Help our partners succeed.

Innovation - Think Forward & Think Big

Be courageous and creative.

Never settle.

Do the Right Thing, Always

Create an environment of honesty and transparency.

Act with integrity and never compromise.

Make the World a Better Place

Show love to every Mr. Nice Guy customer.

Enrich our communities. Give back.

Advocate for the planet.

Our Team Makes the Difference

Value and develop our people.

Be inclusive and strengthen the team.

Be accountable – learn from our mistakes.

Have fun.

Speed in Everything We Do

Act with Urgency.

Be Humble.

Be Nimble.

Have a bias for Action.