Mr. Nice Guy Company Overview

Cannabis Dispensaries located in California & Oregon

One of the World’s Largest Cannabis Operators

26 licensed retail cannabis stores in the USA (including 6 licensed active cannabis retail storefronts in California)

Own and operate one of the largest cultivation sites in Oregon, and a 200,000 sq. ft. state- of-the-art cultivation facility in California

We employ over 230 individuals across all aspects of the cannabis industry.

One of the largest Cannabis tax payers in Orange County, California.

Mr. Nice Guy Operates 26 Licensed Retail Cannabis Dispensaries in California & Oregon

Our Internal Values & Culture

Mr. Nice Guy Company Overview
Mr. Nice Guy Company Overview

Experienced Team of Cannabis Business Veterans

Mr. Nice Guy Company Overview

Michael Ng


Michael is the co-CEO of Mr. Nice Guy and is responsible for all of the team’s infrastructure, operations, logistics, and both supply-side and customer-facing relationships. Michael bears ultimate responsibility for all of Mr. Nice Guy’s day-to-day activities across our facilities.


Michael has significant experience in finance, real estate, and operations, and is a devoted father of three children. He lives in Orange County with his wife Suzanne.

Mr Nice Guy Patrick

Patrick Martin


Patrick Martin is the co-CEO of Mr. Nice Guy and takes responsibility for our strategic growth and vision for all of our present and future activities. He leads Mr. Nice Guy with a core belief in our businesses bringing greater happiness to the customers and communities we serve.

Patrick graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with degrees in Finance and Real Estate. He has two children with his wife Ana. Patrick earned his Real Estate License at age 18 while studying in college.

Mr. Nice Guy Company Overview

In Perfect Standing

Mr. Nice Guy is licensed and in good standing in 22 cities across California and Oregon. Our experienced team of cannabis business professionals lead our efforts to meet state and city regulations and requirements in a professional and timely manner.


Also notable:

  • All Taxes Current
  • Zero license disciplinary issues
  • Zero violations related to city/state audits
  • Zero criminal convictions
  • Compliant with all insurance requirements
  • Compliant with all state and local laws where we operate

Full Integration with METRC

Mr. Nice Guy adheres to, and exceeds, the requirements of METRC, the Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance System in place for the states of California and Oregon.


We track commercial cannabis activity and movement across the distribution chain (“seed-to-sale”) and combine this with our own rigorous inventory and records systems.


  • All our products are tracked under State of California and Oregon METRC procedures, including all product movement such as intake, storage, storefront/delivery sale, and recall, waste, and destruction.
  • Our system complies with W3C web standards, as well as tracks gross sales by weight and sale.
  • Historical transactional data records can be generated with ease as required for full internal and external auditing.
Mr. Nice Guy Company Overview

Brands we carry at mr nice guy

Mr. Nice Guy is proud to have strong relationships with most of California’s top tier cannabis brands and producers:

Mr. Nice Guy Company Overview
Mr. Nice Guy Company Overview
Mr. Nice Guy Company Overview

Caring for our Customers

Mr. Nice Guy, in its various operations, has seen customers with a wide array of product knowledge. From novices who know nearly nothing to the experts who will ask very detailed and specific questions about a product’s technical aspects.


  • Understanding customer needs and desired experience
  • Information pamphlets and education for Responsible Use messaging
  • Employee product testing
  • Employee education regarding products
  • Strong safeguards to prevent abuse, and to prevent those under 21 from purchasing recreational products
  • We post around our stores Responsible Use Messaging for the purchase of any cannabis products and take such communications very seriously in all of our retail stores.

Green Practices in Action

Mr. Nice Guy is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and helping to reduce waste in cities where it operates.


These practices include using drought-friendly landscaping features, energy-efficient LED lighting with timers and motion detectors for all outside areas.


  • LEED-compliant practices
  • Incentivizing mass transit and carpooling
  • Our parking lots, exterior lighting, and building facilities all are augmented by fully integrated solar power systems
  • We diligently sort all waste products
Mr. Nice Guy Company Overview
Mr. Nice Guy Company Overview

Union Labor Peace Agreements

Mr. Nice Guy cannabis businesses have always engaged in good faith negotiations with unions pursuant to state and local requirements.

We have acted proactively and engaged the labor union to become one of the first businesses in Southern California to have a collective bargaining agreement executed, providing for:


  • High and Competitive Wages
  • Top-Tier Benefits including Paid Leaves and Retirement Programs
  • Stability for Our Workforce
Mr. Nice Guy Logo

We View It As Our Mission to Promote Quality & Community

Mr. Nice Guy’s strives to bring added value to the communities we serve.

Since 2015, Mr. Nice Guy’s dispensaries have followed a common ideal to share kindness with all those who walk through our doors. When we are fortunate that an individual comes to visit us, we want them to be greeted by a knowledgeable and compassionate crew who can relate to individual needs across all our products and services.


As a team, we aim for a wide selection of quality flower and other products at reasonable prices. Our valued customers can order online or come to our dispensaries where our friendly and knowledgeable salespeople can assist with their cannabis needs in a clean, welcoming environment.