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What Is Live Rosin?

What Is Live Rosin?

With so many new cannabis concentrates hitting the market, how do you know what type of concentrate to choose from? Let’s take a look into how live rosin can elevate your cannabis experience.


What is live rosin?

Live rosin is completely solventless and made with just heat and pressure.


Why Live Rosin vs Other Concentrates?

Live rosin is made with fresh cannabis which preserves the monoterpenes present in the fresh cannabis. By using this method, it provides you with a clean and flavorful inhale.

Most cannabis concentrates are produced using CO2 or butane solvents. By using these methods, you will always have excess plant material left in your dab rig.

Simply put, live rosin is the purest form of cannabis concentrate on the market.


The Various Consistencies of Live Rosin

The end product can be presented in various types of consistencies like fresh press, badder, budder, jam & more.


What Temperature Should I Dab At?





Live Rosin BADDER


Live Rosin BUDDER


Live Rosin JAM



Where Can I Find Live Rosin?

Head over to any Mr. Nice Guy location to find live rosin curated by the finest producers in the state like Highland Provisions. Skip the line and order online.